beware! Irregular exercise can also have negative effects.

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beware! Irregular exercise can also have negative effects.

پستتوسط marila » شنبه 18 بهمن 1399, 3:51 am

All healthy women. Even taking care of yourself with exercise to lose weight Want to tighten your body to look confident and beautiful girl But it seems that this will gradually soar. Sag until many in the end It's a wave of fluctuations, fluctuations, and irregularities. Believe it or not, it has a negative effect on health than you think.

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The circulatory system starts to count 1 again.

After 1 week of losing weight after stopping exercise, the circulatory system restart Because during the girls Fitness The system of the heart, lungs, including blood flow. Will work better This will help stimulate the flexibility of the body to move and use oxygen from the blood in the muscles more efficiently. But if the body is not getting regular exercise Or stop such activities in a period of 1-2 weeks. Various systems in the body that used to work well. Will adjust the condition to return to work in the original position And affect the oxygen in the body that may be reduced from the original Until the balance can be followed as well.

Loss of flexibility in the body

After exercising Muscles and tendons are flexible. Or began to relax more And will be more flexible if you exercise regularly But if on a day when the body does not exert as usual The muscles that are loosened to become familiar. It may shrink Causing the body to lose its flexibility Therefore, if you don't want to loosen your muscles, you should do at least three stretching exercises a week to prevent your muscles from contracting. Until causing a problem and pain Or tearing the muscles easily when moving the body in certain positions. To prevent muscle injury when lifting heavy objects

The strength of the body will decrease.

What can be gained from regular weight loss exercise is the change in muscle tone that is even stronger. However, if the body does not exercise as it often does, it will result in the stored protein being absorbed into the circulatory system and excreted in the urine. The loss of this protein affects the strength of muscles that need a lot of protein to support them. This can happen if the body is not exercising continuously, girls may feel easily tired when going up or down stairs. Running or walking that feels tired more quickly than usual during exercise.

A good way to maintain good health, consistently and continuously. Time to lose weight at least 2-3 days a week to prevent uneven exercise. It is a long-term negative effect on your health. And will find that you can not warn you

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