Symptoms of drug resistance from breast cancer treatment How should I cope?

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Symptoms of drug resistance from breast cancer treatment How should I cope?

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Symptoms of drug resistance from breast cancer treatment It's not a common occurrence. But it can happen when breast cancer. More violent Until the original treatment did not work, in this case the doctor would help to find another treatment option called alternative therapies. In order to make sure that It is being treated on an ongoing basis.Today, the ดาวน์โหลดjoker has information about drug resistance while it heals. Leave it to breast cancer.

Symptoms of drug resistance from breast cancer treatment
When diagnosed with Breast cancer Must be admitted Breast cancer The treatment methods for each person will vary. It depends on many factors, however. Most treatments have problems or side effects. Some forms of treatment may not be effective for many people. This is called drug resistance and is one of the most challenging aspects of treatment. Breast cancer

When drug resistance develops, cancer cells become resistant to drugs used to treat cancer. These cells will continue to grow rapidly. Causing tumors to build up in the body Breast cancer is recurrent and can take several weeks. Several months or years Than the resistance will become more severe

Symptoms of drug resistance may occur due to drug resistance. Changing therapeutic goals of drugs Repairing damage to DNA Or inhibition of cell death Pat will diagnose your symptoms regularly. To follow up on the results of the treatment that works or not

Drug combination to cope Symptoms of drug resistance from breast cancer treatment
The researchers found that Using a combination of drugs can help slow down resistance or prevent resistance. Researchers will use a variety of drugs to prevent resistance symptoms, and then use drugs that were once the same drug that was used to treat cancer again.

Researchers also use a variety of drugs. With different functions To be able to kill as much of the tumor as possible. As far as you can Without causing resistance, this treatment uses a variety of drugs to prevent resistance.Many treatments are more effective than single drugs, however more studies are needed. To discover the most efficient way In the fight against drug resistance in the treatment of breast cancer

What you can do

- Drug resistance can happen to everyone But Pat will find the best option to treat the symptoms. But you have to follow the prompts. During treatment, do not be impatient or worried about the symptoms. Because it may be more likely to cause stress Until the body worsens and the symptoms are even worse It is best to relax and take care of what your doctor recommends strictly.

- If you are concerned about your symptoms Ask your doctor to explain to you that How are your symptoms now? How do I need treatment?

- Regular check-ups And do not default to the doctor or not to receive treatment Following the advice of your doctor and conducting disciplined treatment. It will improve your symptoms.

- Eat a complete diet of 5 groups of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins because this method will help keep our body healthy. Not malnourished More importantly, when it is breast cancer. Eliminating certain foods will make us get the most nutrients. But the best way is It should be eaten properly, not more or less.

- exercise regularly So that you feel energized and not tired and need enough sleep.

Drug resistance is an important medical issue. If not all current treatments cure breast cancer. Many lives will be affected. Researchers are working hard to find the most effective solution to this problem.

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