Sadfishing behavior that attracts attention on the online world is dangerous?

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Sadfishing behavior that attracts attention on the online world is dangerous?

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At a time when people are turning to social media a lot. In addition to the privacy will begin to decline. Being depressed by Bully is also one of the things many people face. Also interesting behavior Sadfishing is a behavior that demands attention on the online world and has a serious life threatening effect. Let's conclude, let's get to know this behavior better.

What is sadfishing?

Sadfishing is a description of the behavior of social media people who often post sad stories. On my own social media This is to get the attention of people or friends in the online world. While some people just want the number of likes or comments Despite the fact that Life is normal, there is no sad story. All happened It is similar to making a story and adding emotions that are exaggerated to make it look attractive to your friends in the online world.

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Sadfishing and its consequences

As for the sadfishing behavior, experts have revealed that If posting a tragedy for a specific purpose, such as a product review As celebs or celebrities like to post about their skin problems that make them teased. With the main purpose of reviewing products This behavior may not have much impact. Because I do not often And just do it a few times

But that is very worried is A group of children or adolescents who behave like this to get attention. Or do it for the number of likes or comments And do it often until it becomes an addiction Which day the sad story post did not deliver the expected results? Will affect your feelings negatively In addition, the sadfishing behavior of adolescents abroad. It is also the part that is very easy to get bullyed or bullied. Because most of them are due to the fact that friends Realize that in real life is not as sad as the post. Until causing a mockery

Sadfishing and depression

There is a link between Sadfishing and depression. If the patient is really depressed Posting the real sadness you are facing on social media. But was seen to be demanding attention It will make the patient even more sad.

How to prevent sadfishing

There is a way to prevent sadfishing behavior. Relying on the care of parents Including those around It is necessary to talk and ask about things in life often. To achieve a feeling of being bothered Including having to keep an eye on behavior and symptoms that look unusual To be able to talk and understand each other further

Even though the online world is undeniably a part of living. But using it with consciousness and moderation Including holding on to the truth Not trying to make false stories Would inevitably result in a positive effect on the use of social media And can help you stay away from compulsive behavior like sadfishing.

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