Exercise and discourage So go ahead and stick to the five rules, so you'll have one more time.

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Exercise and discourage So go ahead and stick to the five rules, so you'll have one more time.

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Everyone knows that the most effective and safe weight loss is not yo-yo. It is to control food along with exercise. But exercise to lose weight, it takes time plus consistency. For this reason, it makes the girls Many people get discouraged. Or being lazy to easily reduce the discouragement So we have good techniques That will help stimulate the urge to exercise to last until the day you are successful in losing weight. Which can be easily followed as follows

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1.Buy a lot of your favorite workout clothes to keep
Because buying beautiful exercise clothes Favorite to keep It will stimulate the urge to get up to exercise and lose more weight. Whether it is a pity for the money you bought Or the beauty of any set Which is known as a beautiful workout clothes like that, I guarantee that when you wear it, you must be motivated to exercise. That implies that we will definitely continue to exercise.

2. Follow shapely idols And keep secretly looking at the body often
Following your favorite good-looking idol Or an idol that has the shape that we want to have Then shines to see often Inevitably stimulates the feeling of persistence in wanting to exercise In order to have a good look And have some good figures like our idols Alternatively, sticking photos of beautiful and shapely female idols around the house, in front of a refrigerator, glass, or even a work desk will help us see that type of figure often. And helps us remember that we wanted to be that way


3. Write a plan for living each day.
Writing plans each day will help us to know what to do. The plan must include weight loss exercises. Because when we have a plan that has been put in place, when the time comes, the brain will motivate us to exercise according to the plan that we have set.

4. Make friends exercise And there are frequent chalets
Weight loss exercise with friends to do It will help exercise that is not boring. It is also fun. And even more if the chalet is held between friends, it will make the exercise look even more exciting. Make it out more often and not be lazy as well.

5. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals.
Every weight loss exercise requires setting small goals as well, for example, one month will lose 2 kilograms, and when you do it, you will need to reward yourself for that achievement. To stimulate the brain to accelerate to achieve bigger goals To need the reward It is a psychological technique that works quite well.

Weight loss exercise may require a high discipline. Because some people may be easily bored or lazy. So try these methods. Then you will definitely feel more fun and want to exercise.

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