Change acne face to beautiful skin With this trick

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Change acne face to beautiful skin With this trick

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Acne is a natural thing that makes women. Very much lost confidence Because apart from hurting The face does not look clear. Still leaves traces to annoy me as well So, would it be better if I had a secret to effectively heal acne? Can make you worry free and worry about your face Which we also have the secret to easily transform acne into beautiful face Let's introduce each other as follows.

Wash your face thoroughly every time.

After makeup, wash your face thoroughly. Because the residue on the face will cause acne to clog the pores. Including dust and dirt that we encounter all day, it will accumulate and cause acne as well. Which washing your face thoroughly Use a toner to wipe your face clean. Then wash your face as usual Just do it twice a day to have beautiful skin without acne.

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Apply it from the beginning

To get rid of pimples Should apply acne treatment from the beginning By choosing to find a good acne spot cream to be used to point acne Especially creams that contain Benzoyl Peroxide because it has the effect of killing acne effectively. And also can control excess oil on our face as well

The steam will help drive waste.

Steaming will help to remove dirt from your face thoroughly. Causing acne to not come back again Which after the steam is finished Should wash your face with cold water to close And tighten pores to be smaller as well By doing it regularly, 1-2 times a week, 10-15 minutes each time is enough.

Heal scars

It is the final step of the relatively difficult acne treatment. Be patient, if you are a young woman you are very fortunate, you may not even need to do anything, your skin will heal and disappear on its own But if you are a working woman, you may need to find a cream in the retinoid group that is suitable for your skin, or you can choose a cream in the group that contains vitamin E, C, Arbutin, glutathione, which will Helps reduce hyperpigmentation as well. Apply and do not make the face oily. Or, if you don't want to waste your money, you can use a herbal formula, which is honey and lemon mix. Apply and leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it off. Doing it twice a week will help fade acne scars eventually.

Just as this will help transform acne into a beautiful face easily. However, you must be careful not to petting and scratching your face, as this will cause bruising, leaving scars more troubling And dirt on your hands can lead to pimples, causing clogged pimples to become inflamed acne or pustules

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