The high-tech aquarium offers visitors a virtual touching experience

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The high-tech aquarium offers visitors a virtual touching experience

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A visit to the museum, zoo, or aquarium Not just a visit to the exhibition Or just look at the animal only anymore Because the emerging technologies provide visitors with an interactive experience that stimulates the senses.

At an aquarium in southern California Just built a slotxo new building full of technology

From the bubble wall we can let the bubble burst virtually. Which shows information about the ocean To the theater On display in a new building called Pacific Visions in the Aquarium of the Pacific in California. Aims to keep the visitors interested in various stories. Of the oceans and the earth

Jerry Schubel, President of Aquarium of the Pacific, said the museum uses technology to create awe-inspiring and beautiful world ocean. And the important thing is that everyone has access to the museum. For example, making movies for the deaf or the blind with the use of a device that allows the visitor to feel like they are on a big screen.

Alex Driskill-Smith, president of Ultrahaptics, explains that visitors will put their hands on the empty space. The staff will then shine a light that feels into the hand. Using ultrasound, which is sound wave that we cannot hear

Ultrahaptics company, which provided the technology. Are creating experiences that are realistic to touch To entertain visitors throughout the next year. The devices themselves will be widely available in the market throughout the range. The next couple of years as well

Alex explains that the device has an ultrasonic speaker inside that emits ultrasound waves at slightly different intervals each time. These waves are calculated to reach a single focus point on the hand. In order to be able to scan around the hand and create various shapes on the hand.

The computer that controls the equipment will be wirelessly connected to the computer system used to manage the show. And ultrasound waves that are used to create a virtual exposure Must work together With other effects Of movies that everyone can experience Such as making the wind blow And even making the seat vibrate too

The aim of these technologies, however, is to enable all visitors to appreciate the beauty of the ocean in a profound way.

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